Azad Foundation is driven by the vision of a world where all women – in particular women from underprivileged backgrounds – enjoy full citizenship, earn a livelihood with dignity and generate wealth and value for all.


Azad Foundation’s mission is to equip resource-poor women with knowledge and skills so that they excel as professionals and entrepreneurs, and earn a “livelihood with dignity” in jobs and markets that had traditionally been closed to them.
We believe that when women are socially and economically empowered, they become catalysts of change – not just in their own lives, but also in their families and communities.
We work with resource-poor women to enable them to:

  • imagine new roles for themselves
  • get opportunities to work in safe and respectful environments.
  • enhance not just their economic status but also their self-respect and dignity
  • build social capital as they transform their lives and lives of people around them.