We are the pioneers in bringing resource-poor women into professional driving. To date, we empowered over 1000 women in India to get employed as drivers, with nearly 400 known to us currently earning with dignity. These women have become fearless, confident and are in charge of their lives. We need your help to empower more disadvantaged women.

One Time Donation

Rs. 500/-pays for one woman to learn about her rights
Rs. 1000/- enables three women to learn how to defend themselves
Rs. 1500/-will provide counselling to a woman facing violence
Rs. 3000/-enables three women to improve English language skills
Rs. 6000/-enables a woman to complete a driving school course
Rs. 10,000/- enables a woman to acquire driving skills required to work as driver
Rs. 45,000/-helps one woman gain complete employability to get out of the poverty trap forever
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Our Women on Wheels project empowers poor women to become professional drivers to enable them get well-paying and respectful jobs and reclaim freedom. It helps these women get employed as cab drivers and chauffeurs for women, making transportation in Indian cities safer for women. Once earning, women drivers are able to double even triple their family income. The project does not only help lift many people out of poverty, it also empowers women to transform their lives in numerous ways.



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The Issue

Less than one in three women in India do paid work. For resource-poor women specifically, if they work, they predominantly engage in professions traditionally assigned to women such as domestic help, tailoring or beautician work. Only 15% have their own checking or savings account. Only half of women in India are allowed to go to a market by themselves. Many women are denied rights, often unable to make decisions about their own lives. Violence against women in widespread – an incident of domestic violence is reported once every five minutes. About 54% of women in India agree that a man is justified in beating his wife if he has any reason for it.*

How do we solve the issue?

The project empowers poor women to get well-paid respectful jobs as professional drivers in the booming public transportation industry. The project trains women in driving, as well as English, communication skills, financial literacy, self-defence and human rights. Qualified women chauffeurs are placed in jobs with the help of a partner organisation, Sakha. They are able to double even triple their family income as drivers, and also transform into confident fearless women.

The Impact

As professional drivers, women helped by this project are able to increase their family income up to four times; 90% of the employed drivers have become principal earners in their families. Moreover, they become more confident, start to take control over their own lives and make informed choices. Women drivers inspire other women to take on non-traditional professions and become autonomous and economically independent. The social change this project leads to reaches out to women drivers’ children – creating long-reaching intergenerational impact.

“Azad has not only helped me get trained for a job and double our income—it has taught me to walk with my head held high.”

Joytsna, Kolkata

“I am confident that now I can drive as well as men do. In my first job, I earned Rs 7000, which improved our economic condition and I was able to assure better medical care for my parents.”

Jayshree, Indore

“My husband and in laws abused me constantly. I remember the day I learnt that my body is my right. I felt so angry because I realized that I have been accepting violence all my life. That night I told my husband ‘NO’. He tried to beat me up but my children stood by me. Now he does not dare to touch me.”

Lata, Delhi


Established in 2008, we are one of the most impactful women empowerment NGOs in India. Fully committed to women we work with, we keep our admin costs to minimum. So 83% of your donation is spent to benefit resource poor women.

Azad Foundation is registered with Director of Income Tax, under section 80 G. All donations to Azad are exempt from income tax.

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From every amount you donate…

83% is spent to empower women

17% on admin

Help them

Only $10 / Rs.500 pays for one woman to learn about her rights. $160 / Rs.6000 enables a woman to acquire driving skills required to work as driver.

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*Source: World Bank 2017 / International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) and Macro International. (2007). National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3), 2005–06: India: Volume II. Mumbai.