• In India, less than one in three women engage in the formal labour market.
  • About one in three women do not receive monetary compensation for their work or receive at least part of their payment in kind.
  • A majority of women do not have any money of their own that they can use as they wish.
  • Women’s freedom of movement is severely curtailed: only one in three are allowed to go alone to the market, the health centre, and outside the community.
  • More than half of women and men agree with one or more reasons that justify wife beating.
  • An incident of domestic violence is reported once every five minutes.

We need your help to change this.

Azad Foundation’s Women on Wheels programme empowers resource-poor women to become professional drivers. It enables them to get well-paying and respectful jobs and reclaim freedom.

To date it enabled more than 700 resource-poor women to become employable as professional chauffeurs. Nearly 300 have been employed as professional drivers in Delhi and Jaipur, with many more getting employed in Kolkata, Jaipur and other parts of India. Over 90% of them became principle earners of their families, became independent and many walked out of violent relationship.

But there are many more women who dream of transforming their lives and we need your support to make this reality. There are many ways you can get involved to help us enhance women’ economic status, dignity, and empower them to reclaim their freedom.

Get involved to transform lives and bring about irreversible social change: