A hope that never faded

AJWS, one of our donors enabling us to increasingly empower more women as professional drivers and agents of change, visited us in Delhi and met one of our drivers Sunita.

At 15, Sunita was forced to marry an abusive man. With support from Azad Foundation and AJWS, she forged a completely new life on her own terms.

Sunita Jaiswal can’t remember a time when she was happier. On a Saturday afternoon in her tiny house—set in a sprawling, crowded Delhi slum—her daughters grin and perch along the narrow stairs, bounding up or down to make way for passing guests. Meanwhile, Sunita pours cold soda into steel cups and passes them around, beaming with pride. Her fridge is a hard-won luxury, offering a rare respite from the harsh midday heat. Read more on AJWS website.