A new chapter for Women on Wheels

22 women drivers trained by Azad are now working at the Delhi Commission for Women’s helpline, driving to the rescue of victims who dial 181.

As the Helpline moved under the DCW, our sister company Sakha has signed a partnership with DCW to provide 22 women drivers, who will reach the door step of the abused within minutes of the complaint to the helpline.

The 181 helpline currently comprises three 7 member teams working on 3 shifts to cover 24 hours. When a call comes in, the person answering will immediately transfer the call to a counsellor. The counsellor will assess the seriousness of the complaint and decide what is to be done. She will then reach out to the 2 cars parked in her district. 22 cars will be equally divided across the 11 districts in Delhi. In serious cases such as gang-rapes, the police is immediately notified and kept in the loop.

Reaching the victim is often a coordinated effort. The DCW says it provides the necessary support structure to give immediate redressal. Once the counsellor reaches the victim, her first role is to defuse the situation and then follow it up with necessary action. This could either mean helping the victim file an FIR, rush her to a hospital or even move her to a shelter home.

“There is nothing to fear. It’s a wonderful thing that I can be part of rescuing other women from abuse. I’ve done it before and will do it again,” says Malti.

Read story of Malti, one of these drivers.