Our raising against violence against women

Since November we have been raising against violence against women as part of global One Billion Rising Campaign.

In Delhi we held 12 community events that featured street plays, film shows, music and discussions on women’s right to non-traditional livelihoods.

This series of events culminated by a bike rally, street play, dance performance by our trainees and music show in Kalyanpuri in East Delhi on Saturday 6 February.

In Jaipur over last few weeks, we organised 10 street play in slums, colleges and also at Rajasthan Police Academy. Asmita Theatre Group performed their well-known play on masculinity and livelihoods, through which the issues of violence against women, patriarchy and importance of non-traditional livelihoods for women was taken to communities.

In Kolkata, we are launching our Women on Wheels programme and Sakha Women Chauffeur Service on Saturday 13 February to celebrate the campaign.

All the events that took place were filled with energy and we have had some great discussions and interactions with people all around these cities. It has been a real pleasure for our team and trainees to be part of this amazing campaign!

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