We have been rising against violence on women, for women’s property rights

Over the last three months, we have been rising across Kolkata, Jaipur and Delhi against violence on women and calling for women to be able to claim their property rights as part of the annual One Billion Rising campaign.

We organised 17 events in communities that featured street plays, rallies, candle protests, dance performances and speeches by our drivers, who were able to buy land, and build or acquire house in their name.

Around 14,000 people were part of these events and heard out our calls for ending exploitation of women and supporting women to claim their rights, rights to property and violence free lives.

Hundreds of women and men, who participate in our programmes, took part and joined us in this rising.

In each city, the campaign culminated in stunning events. In Kolkata, there was a car rally with 21 cars and a van from our partner Swayam with slogans driving throughout the city. Women on Wheels trainees also performed a play at Lake Mall, greatly applauded to by the audience.

In Delhi, we attended the overall culmination event at the Connaught Place, where Women on Wheels trainees performed songs on breaking barriers and soaring high to fulfil their dreams.

In Jaipur, One Billion Rising activities culminated at Azad’s Kishori mela – an event organised as part of our Azad Kishori 9-12 programme to spread information about gender equality, health, scholarship and educational opportunities and career opportunities in non-traditional livelihoods for girls and young women.

one Billing Rising Campaign