We engage communities to create a supportive environment for women to take up professional driving – a very untypical profession for women –  and take charge of their lives.

Our team engages deeply with women and their families and communities to create an environment that supports women in their choices and enables transformation. Through outreach activities, we identify women from resource-poor backgrounds for the Women on Wheels programme.

Azad Foundation India- valuesWe work with a team of community mobilisers who do transit walks to gather information about an area, organise large public events to raise awareness about the Women on Wheels programme and smaller events to enable one to one or group conversations.

Through meetings and employment camps we share inspiring stories of women drivers trained by Azad to get women and their families motivated and identify those who might be interested in the programme. We also provide counseling and conduct home visits to encourage family members to support women in their bold decision.

Our outreach work is currently taking place in five locations: east, south and north Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata and Indore.


Working with men

IMG_20151031_114940We have formed groups of men around themes of sports, theatre and other creative activities in Delhi and Jaipur. Men taking part in these groups attend various workshops and awareness and educational activities designed to question gender-based injustice and masculinity. They are encouraged to engage with other men in their families and communities to change harmful attitudes and behaviors towards women.


Young Women Leadership programme

We provide fellowship to young women to become community leaders and catalyst for local change. The follows will soon be engaging women in their communities, providing information about non-traditional livelihoods, women’s rights and where to seek help if facing violence.


Azad Kishori 9 to 12

IMG_4695Azad Kishori is aimed at young girls across classes IX to XII in community based, private and government schools. Through a series of interactive sessions, our team provides life skills training and discussed with the girls issues related to women and work. We also talk about gender, sexual and reproductive health and try to challenge their gendered views related to work.




Every year, we raise against violence against women as part of One Billion Raising campaign as well as 16 days of activism. We bring street play, film shows, music and discussion sessions into communities to engage them on this subject and also raise awareness of the importance of non-traditional livelihoods for women. And we also rally across basties, and cities…

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