Through outreach activities, we identify women from resource-poor backgrounds for the Women on Wheels programme. Our team engages deeply with women and their families and communities to create an environment that supports women in their choices and enables transformation, raising awareness of women’s rights and breaking gender stereotypes.

We work with a team of community mobilizers who do transit walks to gather information about an area, organise various public events to raise awareness about the Women on Wheels programme, group discussions and conduct door to door surveys to enable one to one conversations.

In 2016-17 alone, Azad Foundation’s mobilisation and outreach work reached over 26,000 people directly and over 110,000 indirectly.

Through meetings and employment camps we share inspiring stories of women drivers trained by Azad to motivate women and their families and identify those who might be interested in the programme. We also provide counselling and conduct home visits to encourage family members to support women in their bold decision.

Our outreach work is currently taking place in five locations: north, south and west Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata.