Why women decide to join the Women on Wheels programme? What challenges they need to overcome and what impact the programme has on their lives? Read the real stories of women who have achieved amazing transformations of their lives.

Motivation Leading to Success

A determined mother, Gulnaj is setting a great example to her children about the value of hard work. At 14 years old her, Gulnaj’s father died suddenly, leaving a heavy burden on her six siblings and mother. She couldn’t go[...]

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Azad is my second family

Chhattisgarh’s Mary Sadumha is a 22-year-old B.A graduate and is the oldest daughter of her parents. Her parents work as labourers, but regardless of their economic situation, they supported her education. However, despite trying hard, she was not able to[...]

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Fighting opposition

Mamta Jangid, a 19 year old from Ajmer (Kekri tehsil), heard of the Women on Wheels programme through Mahila Jan AdhikarSamiti, with which she has been involved in the past. Despite economic difficulties, her parents are supportive of her education,[...]

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Making wheels dance

Twenty-year-old Dhaneshwari from Kishangarh, Ajmer has an avid interest in dancing. Married at the young age of fifteen, and a domestic violence survivor, the young girl studied till 9th class and lives with her parents. Her husband and his family[...]

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