Why women decide to join the Women on Wheels programme? What challenges they need to overcome and what impact the programme has on their lives? Read the real stories of women who have achieved amazing transformations of their lives.

The fighter against violence

I had accepted violence as a way of life. Once I undertook training, I gradually realized that this is a crime against women. And there is a way out.” Survivor of violence in a forced marriage, Sritee, now aged 30,[...]

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Liberation from violence and dependence

I used to be gloomy, tense and tolerated abuse from my husband. Now I feel free. Archana has travelled a long way. She failed her first test drive to get a job as professional driver as she faced abuse from[...]

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What a man can do a woman can do equally well

Today I am learning a new skill, I am driving a car, I am improving as a driver, my father would have been happy seeing me progressing towards my goal. The story of Jyotsna Sardar, a young woman in her[...]

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I have started living afresh

To me driving signifies mobility, respect and talent. 2015 is the year that changed Rita’s life forever, in February she lost her husband who was terminally ill for some time. Rita had a turbulent marital life with the ill husband[...]

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