Why women decide to join the Women on Wheels programme? What challenges they need to overcome and what impact the programme has on their lives? Read the real stories of women who have achieved amazing transformations of their lives.

Becoming source of support for others

I know now that even I can now become someone’s support, most importantly my own. I have changed in the way I talk, how I dress, and have become confident. Not having been allowed to study by her father, Meenu[...]

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Driving to the rescue of victims of domestic violence

‘‘As part of my job, I get to meet many survivors of domestic violence and when I tell them about my own journey, they get inspired.’’ Laxmi’s husband is an alcoholic, he used to beat her regularly and earned erratically.[...]

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Chance to study, learn and drive

After joining DriverBen programme, today I am able to fight for my rights and also rights of others. I am able to read and write Gujarati.” Mumtazbanu is from Ahmadabad and belongs to a Muslim conservative family. She comes to[...]

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Getting to know good things about life

In driving, people salute you. You can interact and work with nice people like my client who always helps me learn more. You can change your life. My name is Mamta Varma. I am 20 years old and live in[...]

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