A dream to become the first lady bus driver in Ahemdabad

Azad Foundation India-Deepali

A determined young lady from Ahmedabad, Deepali has exceeded her life expectations in becoming a professional driver. Deepali’s father is also a driver, while her mother is working at a tea stall. When she was 16 years old, she got married and was forced to discontinue her studies before 9th class.

Deepali was neither mentally or physically prepared when her parents arranged her marriage. Her in-laws abused her continuously in dowry related issues, causing a lot of stress and anxiety on her married life. She came home after one month of marriage but her parent’s would not allow her to stay, and insisted that she follow the traditions and keep society happy. She was forced to accept her fate and subsequently had two children within two years. Adding to her problems, her husband soon left his job and went away from home. In order to pay for food and rent, Deepali had no choice but to get a job in a hospital as a sweeper. She later learned how to do stitching and did that for a living for several years.

One day she found out about Azad through her friend’s mother, an NGO worker (SAATH). She suddenly felt excited and decided to become a professional driver in the hope of sending her children to school. Deepali worked hard on being a confident driver and speaker. She cried with happiness the moment she received her permanent licence!

‘I can’t wait to show people that women can also be drivers. My newest dream is to become the first lady bus driver in Ahmedabad.’