Fighting opposition

Azad Foundation India-Mamta

Mamta Jangid, a 19 year old from Ajmer (Kekri tehsil), heard of the Women on Wheels programme through Mahila Jan AdhikarSamiti, with which she has been involved in the past. Despite economic difficulties, her parents are supportive of her education, and she is doing her first year of B.A.

Mamta and her parents faced a lot of opposition (often even violence) from the rest of the family, including her grandfather, against her taking up the training. In the end, with the help of MJAS staff, they managed to convince him to allow participation in the programme.

Despite her community thinking negatively about her stay in Jaipur, she is determined to learn and make her parents proud. Armed with a will to succeed, Mamta is a very quick learner, already at the ‘Self Drive’ stage.

‘I enjoy living with the other women so much that I sometimes wish I could stay here forever! I am not yet ready for a marriage, though my father wants me to get married. This experience helps me learn new things, and I am now focused on getting a job. I credit this opportunity to both organizations – MJAS and Azad, and to my mother who has always supported me.’