Jayshree Tayde

Through Women on Wheels, I learnt how to drive and now I train other women on wheels! My father used to work as laborer,getting work occasionally. He used to drink and take money from my mother,hurling abuses and beating her when she protested. Then, he got diagnosed with HIV. We were surviving only on my mother’s income of Rs 6000 per month from her job as a sweeper at a hospital. In 2012, my mum also got critically ill and stopped working. We had no support,people stopped talking to us. Eventually my mother recovered and that’s when I decided to join WOW. It took me some time to learn but I am confident that now I can drive as well as men do. My first job was with a lady running cosmetics business and I earned Rs 7000, which improved our economic condition and I was able to assure better medical care for my parents. In August 2016, I got selected as a trainer for Maruti Driving School. Now, I earn Rs 8500 along with a Provident Fund.