Lata Rathore

Before coming to Azad I used to do stitching at home to earn some income. There was not much else I could do as I only studied till class 10. My eldest daughter heard about Azad’s Women on Wheels and inspired me to join.

I already acquired permanent license and will be appearing for the employability test soon. After coming here, I feel like life has begun again. From someone naïve who always blamed her destiny for everything, I have become someone who understands the ways of the world.

After the gender class, I realized that it’s not me – it’s the society and patriarchy that is responsible for all the damage in my life. My husband and in laws abused me constantly. I remember the day I learnt that my body is my right. I asked the teacher what one should do if one’s husband
forced himself on her. I felt so angry because I realized that I have been accepting violence all my life. That night I told my husband ‘NO’. He tried to beat me up but my children stood by me. Now he does not dare to touch me.

My children are my biggest strength. I will complete the training, get a job and make them proud. Right now, I am doing a class on self-defense. I share all that I learn with my two daughters. I will never let them go through what I have experienced in my life. I also tell my son that he should never become like his father. He is a good boy and respects my values and ideas.