Rajkumari. Finding strength

Azad Foundation India-women cab driver

Rajkumari is a 22-year-old woman from Jahangirpuri in North Delhi. Rajkumari wanted to be a police officer but she had to leave her studies after class 8th due to difficult economic situation of her family. Her elder sister was married off when she was 14 years old, and went through a violent married relationship that affected her a lot. Because of the difficult financial situation at home, Rajkumari took up a job of a domestic worker along with her elder sister who had walked out of her violent marriage.

During the outreach and mobilisation programme in Jahangirpuri, Rajkumari’s sister picked up Azad pamphlet and gave it to Rajkumari. Both sisters eventually enrolled in the programme. Rajkumari was initially shy and reserved but slowly started opening up, speaking about herself, her dreams and her fears. She now says that she would never tolerate violence in any way. Rajkumari cleared the Sakha test in May this year and is ready to take up employment with a woman with special needs.