An incident of domestic violence is reported once every five minutes in India. A majority of women do not have any money of their own to use as they wish. 26.8 million households across India are headed by women – most are forced by circumstances.

Azad Foundation’s Women on Wheels programme empowers resource-poor women to become professional drivers. It enables them to get well-paying and respectful jobs and reclaim freedom.


Donate today or set up a regular donation to help us train more resource poor women to become empowered self-sustaining professional drivers.


What difference can your money make?

Only £6/$9/RS 580 will ensure a woman is able to attend her driving and self-development classes. £60/$90/RS 5,800 will help a woman complete a driving course.

Read stories of courage and transformation to learn how you can change lives.


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Vetted by Global Giving UK and US. Azad Foundation is registered with Director of Income tax under section 80G. All donations to Azad are exempt from income tax. We’re a small organization with minimal admin and staff cost, so 90% of your donation is spent to benefit resource poor women.