Research and advocacy

We want to ensure that our work extends beyond the trained women and their communities. We are committed to influence change on the national level to make non-traditional livelihood options with dignity available to women of all walks of life. To achieve this, it is important we connect with other initiatives that bring women into non-traditional employments.

We also develop knowledge base through conducting research and documenting our work to build a case for addressing social concerns in livelihood training programmes.


How are we doing it?

We monitor the extent to which resource poor women benefit from existing women empowerment policies. Through continuous systematic research activities we build networks with other similar initiatives to form a collective voice to influence policy makers and donors to create a wider range of livelihood options for women.

We advocate for options that help break gender stereotypes and inequality and provide well-paid livelihoods with dignity. We continuously engage in dialogue with the Government of India to modify, amend or introduce new policies.

Policy papers

Recommendations for National Policy for Women

Our research and conference reports

Report: Gendered constraints in employemnt in public transport

Study of urban resource poor young women, their aspirations and opportunities

Asia Pacific Workshop on Gender, Education, Skills and Work report

Directory of Organizations in NTL for women