All donations to Azad doubled during December! Please donate today

Every day, Azad team is meeting so many women who need a helping hand to enable them to escape poverty and violence. These women struggle to provide for their families, they face physical abuse, and are unable to make own choices about their lives. We need your support again to enable many more women to find inner strength and change their lives for better.

Please donate today to enable more resource-poor women become courageous professional drivers, empowered to escape violence and stand on their own. Read this story of Yasmine to learn about how you can change lives.

Your donation will help equip more women with awareness on their rights and skills like self-defense and communication, alongside driving skills so they can become self-sustaining professional drivers and transform their lives like me.

Whatever amount you can give will help transform the lives of some of the most marginalized women in the world. Even as little as £10 can make a big difference. And, every donation you make this month will go a long way, as it will be doubled by Azad’s partner Global Giving UK!