Why women decide to join the Women on Wheels programme? What challenges they need to overcome and what impact the programme has on their lives? Read the real stories of women who have achieved amazing transformations of their lives.

A daughter can make family proud too

Nirma is the oldest child of her parents, and was only educated till class 9 as her father and his family do not believe in educating their girls. This led to friction between Nirma’s father and mother. Nirma was unable[...]

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Fighting family pressures

Twenty four year old Sanam dropped out of a high school. Her mother supported her to learn driving through Azad Foundation. But her father and elder brother pressured her to get married – her family engaged Sanam to her cousin[...]

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A dream to become the first lady bus driver in Ahemdabad

A determined young lady from Ahmedabad, Deepali has exceeded her life expectations in becoming a professional driver. Deepali’s father is also a driver, while her mother is working at a tea stall. When she was 16 years old, she got[...]

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I am Chand, the driver

Chand is from a conservative Muslim family. She was married off to a truck driver at a young age and has four children. Content in leading a family life, she had never stepped out of her home. But when Chand’s[...]

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